from sim to simulacra


Sun, Mar 20, 2022 3:40 AM

It has been an interesting 7 months since we started developing Simulacra. What it is now is our largest project to date, with the story and content going through so many changes and iterations even we can’t remember what we started with. Yet, we are supremely proud of what we have created. It was hard work and all of us want to show the world our effort.

Our goal was always to tell good stories. Stories that make you stop and think, stories that highlight heavy themes that other games might not touch. “Sara is Missing” was a test of that goal. Using a phone interface as a storytelling medium to gauge player interest and gather information on player behavior. It was a fun experiment to make the game feel as authentic as possible. We ditched the Start menu screen and dropped the player straight into the game, there are no instructions, nothing within the game that tells you its a game. After it launched, we were thrilled when players could not separate their real phone and the game. Over time though we learned that it was just too real for some players, which caused apprehension, doubt, and to a certain extent actual fear. We wanted the players to experience these emotions when playing the game, not about the game itself.

Simulacra will have a clearer separation between reality and the game. Playtesting has been positive so far and we believe we have made the right decision and hope our fans are happy with it.